Factories of the LIONEL CORP

Irvington, NJ

605 21st Street



The carved "LIONEL CORP" stone over the entry way was purchased on 5 April 1997. It took five men to remove the stone and cart it back to Reading PA. It presently resides in TCA's National Toy Train Museum in Strasburg PA. It is located in the space above where Reagan's trains are displayed.


Here is a picture of the Irvington Factory that Lionel produced a few years back.  Compare the view of the than operating factory with what it looks like today.  You can see the Carved stone over the front doors.  This stone was removed a few years ago.







Hillside, NJ

28 Sager Place


Anyone recognize the water tower?  Under the green paint, it does say "LIONEL TRAINS"

This door behind the gate is 28 Sager place

The Lionel "L" is all that remains.  This is located in the rear Lobby


This elevator I was told went directly to JLC's office on the 2nd flr.